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Adric Laser (born March 07, 1983) is an American novelist, critic, public speaker, essayist, and columnist. He writes in several genres but is known best for his literary contributions in the science fiction genre. His upcoming releases include Dystopity – The One-Eyed Man (2020) and the short stories or novellas set in the same universe, A Rebel Was Born on Horus (2020), The Snake That Ate Its Own Tail (2020) and Redrum on Reba (2020) are expected to turn a lot of heads and make the Dystopity collection in general, a huge success. 

Laser was born in San Francisco, California, USA and spent most of his childhood growing up in Seattle, Washington USA. Laser’s works have been influenced by classic literature, popular fantasy, and science fiction; he often uses tropes from genre fiction.

His background working in the entertainment industry has given him a strong character-focused approach, which many say contributed to the realism in his published works. His fiction often features characters that are highly skilled while at the same time coming from very troubled backgrounds and are forced to make difficult choices, often with odds that affect the lives of many. 

Laser’s experience as a teacher of English and History to secondary students in Southeast Asia gave him a profound opportunity to better understand the motivations of a more youthful generation. As such, this is why his writing is so appealing to younger generations. 

He has written three books on creative writing and is a prominent member of the Advise Author Publishing group dedicated to promoting high quality publications by extraordinarily talented self-published authors. 

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